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ZINTINI wine, 2011 
Late Harvest , Zinfandel,
Lodi, 60-year Zin, old vines
(brix 35%. RS 4.96)

Produced and Bottled by Estate Crush, Lodi, California
for J. Lauchland Shaw vineyard,
Email: jjjjshaw@verizon.net

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Enjoy images from Grower Jack's cork craft and stories found on three wine labels:
ZINTINI wine, 2011 Late Harvest Zinfandel
ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, 2011 Old Vine Zin, wine, Lodi
JACK ZIN 17, 2011 Old Vine Zin, wine, Lodi, California

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Late Harvest, Zinfandel.  St. John . . . and Jack Zin 17 wines (750 ml) are dry red wines.

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 www.zintiniwines.com  Savor true zin. jjjjshaw@verizon.net
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© Jacklyn (E.L.) Shaw photo from late Charlyn Lauchland painting
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