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Celebrate with Zintini Wines, 2011.
Zintini Wine, 2011, Late Harvest, Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi
BENEFIT dry red wines (750 ml), at tasting and displays: 
St. John the Baptist, 2011, Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi
for stjohnsoflodi.org
(toward parish membership, music arts and/or events)
Jack's Zin 17, 2011, Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi
(toward Lodi museum developments and events)

Date Time Event
April/May? TBA
6-9 PM (TBA) Estate Crush, 2 West Lockeford Ave., Lodi, CA 95242
Pending, TBA 1:00pm-4pm Harvest Blessing? (Contact for Invite. See Pledge discount.)
HARVEST Blessing is September 8, Sun. 2-4 PM.
Thank you for any Harvest Pledge for wine bottle, set of three, or case: 
ZINTINI WINE Late Harvest,
60-Year Old Vine Zin, Lodi, CA.

CORK CRAFT IN IMAGES:  Wine labels feature images from Grower Jack's cork craft designs of unique folk art and historical building replicas, of or near Lodi, California, USA.
PLEDGE (See coupons.):
If  you please, buy some wine. Value is $24.95 each for 19.95. Special at 20% discounts per one, set of 3 bottles or case (Say "Wow"):
_ for each wine "bottle",
_ with specials for "set of three" (if not collector set)
_ to "case" of 12 for your reserves or occasions
* plus event snacks
(maybe spicy sausage, smoked salmon and/or chocolate kisses). Thanks.
Enjoy, Jim & Jacki

Send Pledge to:
jjjjshaw@verizon.net OR zintiniwines.info (OR shop at jjjjshawproductions.net).

If S&H, min. $17, USPS
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